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The MY100 is the ultimate challenge at the Malaysia Ultra-Trail by UTMB. Entries open 6 June.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


99 KM

Elevation Gain

4900 M+

Start Date

Saturday 16th November 2024

Race Start

Esplanade Taiping, Perak - 03:00

Max Allowed Race Time

32 Hours


MYR 800

Runners will be tested with a mixture of technical and non-technical trails whilst journeying through the pristine tropical rainforest, most notably the Virgin Jungle Reserves (VJR) surrounding Maxwell Hill, one of the oldest hill stations in Malaysia, and past historical relics like the pre-war railway tunnels in Taiping.


ENTRY INCLUSIONS Race entry, athlete t-shirt, finisher medal, finisher tee, finisher certificate, fully stocked aid stations, drop bag service, on-course medical support and assistance, insurance, drawstring bag, finishing refreshment-meal.
MANDATORY GEAR All runners must carry mandatory gear during the race. Details are on the Mandatory Gear page.
MINIMUM AGE 18 years of age on race day
FIRST FINISHER 11hr 15min (4:15pm)
FINAL FINISHER 32 hours (11:00am, Sunday)
TIMING RESULTS The following age divisions for both male and female will be used for race results (age on race day will be used determine your age division): Open (18-29yr), Veterans (30-39yr), Masters (40-49yr), Super Masters (50-59yr), Grand Masters (60-69yr), Supreme Masters (70+yr)
AWARDS & PRIZES Overall Top 3 male and female in MY100.
10 Overall fastest male and female receive a trophy
5 Overall fastest male and female receive free entry to the following year’s event.
Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each division
UTMB World Series ws100KM
The MY100 is a UTMB World Series 100 Event. Finishers of MY100 will receive 3 running stones.


The race will start and finish at Esplanade Taiping. The course will take runners through the iconic Taiping Lake Garden where runners can expect to hear the call of the wilds.

From the Taiping Lake Garden, runners will be taken to Speedy Hill via Burmese Pool enroute to AS1 (Bukit Limau/ Lime Hill) situated at 200m (asl). Upon exiting Speedy Hill at Sasanakkha Buddist Sanctuary, runners will catch the first aerial glimpse of Taiping town and the Straits of Melaka.

Runners will cross the first river at Tiger Temple after Sasanakkha Buddist Sanctuary by running on cemented platforms so as not to get wet. From here, runners will be challenged with a 200m/ 2KM climb towards AS1.

From AS1, runners will be face uphill and downhill undulations towards AS2 at Ayer Kuning Village. The course will take runners through palm estates, durian plantations besides malay reserves villages surrounding Ayer Kuning. Runners will be treated to a view of Taiping town and on a few occasions Mount Bubu (Gunung Bubu – 1657m asl).

From AS2, runners will be taken to AS3 via the durian hills at Bukit Cempedak and Bukit Melayu. For the majority of runners, this is where you will hear the forest waking up at the break of dawn. It’s a priceless experience to look forward to.



All the information you need to know before starting an extraordinary adventure.


The MY100 has aid stations along its route, with differing levels of service, support crew access and supplies. The MY100 aid stations offer you the opportunity to refuel, rehydrate, see your support crew and prepare for the next leg of your journey!
Read more about aid stations


A drop bag service will be available which allows you to have your own personal supplies (gels, food, change of socks, shoes, shorts, lubricant, etc.) available at certain aid stations or at the finish. Please see the time charts above for information on which ais stations have drop bags.
Read the rules on drop bags


Every runner at Malaysia Ultra-Trail will have to carry mandatory gear. The mandatory gear list contains what we believe is the absolute minimum to keep you safe during the event and in the region’s unpredictable weather systems. For MY100 runners, your gear will need to be checked pre-race.
Read Mandatory Gear rules


The MY100 course is on privately owned land and virgin jungle reserves which is not accessible to public throughout the year. No Training on Course is allowed.
Read about Training & Nutrition


We love support crews almost as much as our runners at Malaysia Ultra-Trail by UTMB – you are always the most colourful (and loudest!) and a huge part of the magical atmosphere of the whole weekend.

You also have the very important job of getting your runners to the finish line.

First job for support crew is to read the support crew section in the Runner Guide, available one month before the event. It contains important information you will need to know for the event.

To keep the event manageable as well as fair and safe for all athletes, and to make sure support crews do not get lost, there is some information that support crews need to know.

  • Support crews are only allowed to assist runners at AS1 Bukit Limau (Lime Hill), AS2, Ayer Kuning, AS4 Changkat Ibol, AS5 Ayer Kuning U-Turn, AS7/9 Angkasa and AS 8/10 Maxwell BaseCamp.
  • Pacers are not allowed for the MY100
  • Support crews cannot run alongside their runners at any point on the course outside of the aid stations and may only support their runners on the above-mentioned AS.

For more helpful information please visit the Transport & Parking page and Spectators page.



A drop bag service will be available which allows you to have your own personal supplies (gels, food, change of socks, shoes, shorts, lubricant, etc.) available at certain checkpoints or at the finish.

Your bag needs to be closable and soft and a reasonable size. In short, it needs to be properly concealed. Bags that are not properly sealed will be rejected.

Cool bags from the big supermarkets are perfect! In line with our commitment to sustainability please don’t use plastic bags or plastic boxes – these will not be accepted. One drop bag per runner is allowed for finishing and at midway point at AS5.

Aid station drop bags can be delivered to the drop bag tents at race check-in on Saturday 16 November 2024 from 01:00am. Please don't be early, as if not placed directly into the correct aid station trucks they may go missing!

Collect by showing your race number. Any drop bags not collected by 02:00pm on the Sunday 17 November 2024 will be disposed of.

  • Please don’t use glass bottles/jars
  • Clearly mark your drop bag using permanent marker pen with: Surname, Race number, aid station location
  • At aid station and the finish line drop bags will be lined up numerical order. Any bags without or clearly written/visible with a name and race number, will place at the end of the number range.
  • Only the runner can collect their drop bag at the drop bag locations. Once each aid station drop bag is finished with it must be taken to the used drop bag pile. Please produce your bib no and sign in and sign out when depositing and when retrieving your drop bags.
  • There is a drop bag service for runners without a support crew. Runners may use a mixture of support crew at some aid stations and the drop bag service at other aid stations. Please don’t use the drop bag service for any aid stations where your support crew will be.